A collection of videos about Destroy Madrid and the filmmaking process (trailer, behind the scenes, interviews, etc.)OPEN VIDEO GALLERY
A selection of RAW FRAMES from the cameras and their FINAL LOOK after VFX and color grading.OPEN PHOTO GALLERY
Six months of preproduction were necessary for this idea to became real. Locations, stunts tests, gathering the crew and the equipment, building and tunning props, planning, designing…OPEN PHOTO GALLERY
SHOOTING DAY 1 (AUG 6th, 2014)
First day of shooting. The beginning is the end… A small crew to get the finale scene of Destroy Madrid. Javier Server plays Lay again, but the events take place 20 years later… OPEN PHOTO GALLERY
SHOOTING DAY 2 (AUG 7th, 2014)
Now we’re in. Four locations in a rough day through Callao, Torres Kio, Plaza de Colón and «the Bunker». Today, the crew is once again an small one, and we had many problems and lots of anecdotes. OPEN PHOTO GALLERY
SHOOTING DAY 3 (AUG 8th, 2014)
And finally, the action is here. We’re at Rivas (Madrid) to achieve the most complex sequence in the short film: action, explosions, jumps, stunts, 3d… and lots and lots of dust and debris. OPEN PHOTO GALLERY
SHOOTING DAY 4 (AUG 9th, 2014)
Second day at Rivas to complete this sequence —more explosions and lots of running. It really was a tough and tricky day, but we made it awfully well. This crew is simply exceptional. OPEN PHOTO GALLERY
SHOOTING DAY 5 (AUG 10th, 2014)
And our principal photography ends here. Quietly? No way —there are impacts and bangs, more running and a chase that will be completed several months from now with 3d. OPEN PHOTO GALLERY
Last day of principal photography of Destroy Madrid on a green screen set with actors Fernando Cayo and Ramón Quesada. OPEN PHOTO GALLERY
Sketches, designs, 3D models and other art pieces that bring to life on the screen the universe of Destroy Madrid. OPEN CONCEPTS GALLERY