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We have finished Destroy Madrid already, so… why a contribution?


  • You will enjoy the short film in a great FullHD and 5.1 surround master copy, and discover how we created the film from scratch through all the behind the scenes videos, plus more videos of our previous films.
  • You will extend the life of Destroy Madrid, allowing us to distribute it through film festivals around the world, and making possible that producers interested in these kind of projects may echo our work and our voice.
  • You can spread our work and become part of the distribuition yourself, showing it to your friends and relatives.

We have invested two years producing the short film, with no grants and no external financing, and we have given everything for it. Because, in addition to the visual spectacle, we also portray our generation distaste for the present establishment. But all this work will be totally meaningless if we don’t show it. If you enjoy it and share it, Destroy Madrid will live on for a long time, and possibly we will be able to continue the story in new amazing films that might delight you.

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We successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, reaching 120% of the funds. That allowed us to:

  • Produce all the perks we designed.
  • Begin the distribution in film festivals around the world.
  • Complete the VFX.
  • Make an outstanding 5.1 Surround audio mix.

Don’t hesitate and join us.
With your purchase you will support us in so many ways!