Destroy Madrid: cortometraje

Destroy Madrid is an action/sci-fi/political short film with more than 90 official selections and 13 awards in film festivals around the world. At the same time, it works as a proof-of-concept that is expected to be explored in a feature film. You can watch it here. Enjoy…

You can also watch it and enjoy the extras in Youtube and our Vimeo channel. And if you want to enjoy Destroy Madrid in 2K or 4K and with 5.1 PCM audio, just write us an email.

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SYNOPSIS: Madrid, 2030. In a world ravaged by the fight between governments and citizens, one member of the resistance has got a mysterious device that can finally end the war. Will he escape from the drones that guard the city?

SINOPSIS: Madrid, 2030. En un mundo devastado por el enfrentamiento entre los Estados y sus ciudadanos, un miembro de la resistencia tiene en su poder un dispositivo que puede poner fin a la guerra. ¿Conseguirá huir de los drones que custodian la ciudad?