Joseba Alfaro

Joseba Alfaro, director of Destroy Madrid (rigth) with actor Javier Server (left)

Joseba Alfaro has directed dozens of short films and he firmly believes in the french term “film d’auteur“. This doesn’t mean he just makes “small” projects, and he also embarks on genres such as science-fiction or action, filming outdoors and with all the possible practical special effects.

For him, it is very important to write the screenplay and be part of all the processes involved in audiovisual narrative. In many of his films, like DESTROY MADRID, L.A.D., REM or TRIMAKE, he took over the cinematography and camera operation —tasks he feels very comfortable with.

Currently, Joseba works as action director for José A. Rojo and his stuntmen team in Last Hero Action Unit, and as editor in fiction and entertainment on TV, while he also focuses his efforts on writing his third screenplay, the financing of the films BLIND BULLETS and DESTROY MADRID, and KAPLAN —a TV Series.

One day you discover that just as a climber feels a climax reaching the summit of a mountain, for you there’s nothing like filming behind the camera. I have always enjoyed story-telling, since I was a child when I arranged epic battles of Lego vs Playmobil, until I began to record them with my first VHS-C camera. And then, the game became a way of life.

I believe in the power of narrative, in telling stories that beyond its main plot, convey ideas and feelings. And above all, I believe in the power of images, colors and frames, movements and editing, music and rhythm… Above all, I believe in cinema.