The Origin: REM

REM, a short film by Joseba Alfaro

Destroy Madrid is part of the universe created from short film REM in 2013 by Joseba Alfaro. While it is not necessary to have watched REM in order to understand the story in Destroy Madrid, the experience is enriched as the plot focuses on Lay, main character of REM. We find him 20 years later, in a very different world from the one we knew in the previous short film.

In REM, Lay is a young man with a dull daily life, whose only purpose is to sleep to meet the woman he loves in his dreams. His whole world changes when she comes into the real world to rescue him. But… from whom? REM is a story about shared and lucid dreams, passion, action, risks and decisions. About how we feel sometimes more attached to our dreams than to the day by day we live in, how we’d like to turn the tables for not having to wake up and face the cold reality.

At the end of the credits of REM, the viewer can watch an additional sequence and read a text –a password that is meant to be used on Pangea Corp website (this information is also available on the DVD box). If the viewer explores the web, he can use the password to unlock a hidden video that connects the story with the world we are going to see in Destroy Madrid.

REM short film has been exhibited at festivals around the world, and it’s available online. You can watch it and find more information on REM official website.