The Resistance

Destroy Madrid was filmed without any grant or external financing. It’s a collaborative project (we have not done it to make money, there are better and proper ways of getting that). We have made Destroy Madrid because of a creative and emotional need, because we wanted to tell a story we are in love with, and because we want to show the world our creative, narrative and technical abilities.

Also, once the project was finished and ready to be premiered at Sitges IFF in October 2016, we decided to start a crowdfunding campaign for the distribution, in order to be able to share not just «the video», but to show all the creative and technical processes that were put into it, and to be able to distribute it trough film festivals around the globe.

destroymadrid_facebook_img_2_resizeSo, we successfully completed the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, reaching 120% of the funds. That allowed us to:

  • Begin the distribution in film festivals around the world.
  • Make an outstanding 5.1 Surround audio mix.
  • Produce all the perks we designed for our funders.

And guess what? More than 80 official international screenings and 12 awards!

Therefore, these are our supporters, the rebels that joined us and are now part of the Resistance. Thanks to all of them:

Nai – Amaia Ajuria – Jaime GC – Chimeleta – Kakun – Francisco Racero – Familia Valera/Requena – Destroy BCN

Juan Carlos Cembreros Llopis – Diego Carbajo – Natasha Chisdes – Pedro Orenes – Frank Álvarez Blanco – Ignacio Nava Laiz – Marta Toca – José Antonio Rojo – J. Valera – Asun – María Sánchez Toledo – Alejandra Vila – Jesús Ferre – Javi Jiménez Gabaldón – Carlota Hernández – Gustavo Carballeira – Jose Javier del Cerro – Enrique Barbasán – Roberto Burgos – Héctor Brotons – Andrés Jiménez Gabaldón – David Ricoy

Beatriz Racero Millán – Merce Pascual – Alex Berbel – David Martínez Chicano – Javier Franco Pablos – Ramón Quesada – Raúl de Cerro Corrales – Carlos García Vañó – Jorge Esteban Blein – Sheila Ortega del Parto – Señor Buebo – Víctor Roces – Francisco Moreno Sánchez – Daniel Martínez – Miss Ansola – Alicia Abril Carrera – Patricia BMV – Nacheta – Rodrigo H. T. – Dagor – Alexander Grahovsky – Lucía Méndez Quiroga – David Lee – Juanan Requena – pmjaume – Paloma Sanz Viveros – Eva Madrid – Pepe Jomeini – Cristina Carrizo – Jorge Foley – taniagoal – Raúl Gualda Calderón – Andrés Fernández Garvía – Rodrigo Lago Antón – Jorge Miranda Galbe

Santos. TC – Elsa Poveda – Judy is a punk – Misanmen – Orestes Aja Gurria – Fernando Rodríguez Escaño – Ruth Tynen – Rocío Martín López – Pablo González Esteban – Valle García Fernández – Irene Martínez – Ana Belén Bautista Girona – Bruno Aretio – Iker Azcoitia Antón – Andrea Casaseca – Ana Cabello – Rafa García – Víctor Tejera – Eva Cristina Cabañero Izquierdo – Aníbal Angulo – Antonio Castillo

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