We are young professionals engaged in different audiovisual disciplines. We love movies, and we love them as creators and moviegoers at the same time. Our professional backgrounds are diverse —film schools, graphic arts, design, television, etc.

We are not doing this project to make money. There are better and proper ways of getting that. We are making Destroy Madrid because of a creative and emotional need, because we want to tell a story we are in love with, and because we want to show the world our creative, narrative and technical abilities —our domain of storytelling, photography, design, VFX…

We believe that it’s important to show this potential and skills through powerful and engaging audiovisual works. So we achive to complete big projects (that possibly cannot be assumed independently without the necessay budget) with a collaborative work and without a substantial financial investment. Instead of “paying money”, the compensation occurs through the synergy: providing our services to colleagues in similar productions, and on other works that come from these collaborations.

Nowadays, we have a certain number of collaborators who have contributed with their talent and/or technical services to get the project done. Luis Gimeno does the casting, with the actors Javier Server, Fernando Cayo and Ramón Quesada. Txetxu Rojo and his stuntmen team are not only responsible for coordinating and executing dangerous actions with stunts, but also they have provided the material for action sequences and the construction of parts of the sets and props.

Other companies like WeLab or edoscero have supplied the necessary equipment for the project, such as the Red and BlackMagic cameras, tripods, stabilizers and drones… Arturo Gallo Krahe shares his talent composing the soundtrack, Eduardo Burgos is in charge of the sound design, Steve Miller makes the sound mixing, and David Gonzalez is our colorist.

We have invested more than two years producing the short film, with no grants and no external financing, and we have given everything for it. Because, in addition to the visual spectacle, we also portray our generation distaste for the present establishment. But all this work will be totally meaningless if we don’t show it. If you enjoy it and share it, Destroy Madrid will live on for a long time, and possibly we will be able to continue the story in new amazing films that might delight you. Because Destroy Madrid is also a proof-of-concept that is expected to be explored in a feature film, which screenplay I have already written.

Joseba Alfaro; writer, director & producer