What is needed to succeed?

In the afterlife, a nice girl from Earth is willing to get a new personality for her next life cycle, one that truly works: really selfish and superficial. But she is still a looser, and getting that personality won’t be easy.

Teresa Hurtado plays the nice young woman with a great conflict: she is a good person, and in today's world that doesn’t grant happiness. That's why she wants to become a triumpher, but her current personality will play a trick on her.

Pilar Torriente performs the role of the public worker in the afterlife, a dull woman, bored with her daily work, whose aim is to manage personalities and maintain the balance of motherfuckerism in the universe.

The origin of the crisis that humanity is going through doesn't lie in the economy, politics, religion or the natural resources of the planet. There's a deeper crisis whose roots poison the others: a crisis of ethical values.

Cast & Crew

Behind and in front the cameras of Triumphers

For this short film, the director/producer Joseba Alfaro has count with regular collaborators from his previous productions, and with some new members too. This is the technical and artistic team that has brought TRIUMPHERS to life.

Joseba Alfaro

Joseba Alfaro

Director / Editor Writer/ Producer
Laura Racero

Laura Racero

Art / Original Idea Stills / Key art
Pope Maroto

Pope Maroto

Director of photography
 Eduardo Burgos

Eduardo Burgos

Sound recording Sound mixes
Nacho Nava

Nacho Nava

Production designer
Patricia Zori

Patricia Zori

MakeUp HairDresser
José A. Rojo

José A. Rojo

Associate Producer
Julio Castillo

Julio Castillo

Camera operator
Luis Gimeno

Luis Gimeno

Casting director
Arturo G. Krahe

Arturo G. Krahe

Music composer
Sheila Pardavila

Sheila Pardavila

Script Supervisor
David González

David González


Director: Joseba Alfaro

Writers: Joseba Alfaro, Laura Racero

Executive producer: Joseba Alfaro

Associate producer: Jose A. Rojo

Casting director: Luis Gimeno

Director of photography: Pope Maroto

Cameras: Pope Maroto, Julio del Castillo

Key grip: Julio Fernandes

Clapper: Aleix Marcillas

Script supervisor: Sheila Pardavila

Still photographer: Laura Racero

Production designer: Nacho Nava

Art director: Laura Racero

Make up & Hair dresser: Patricia Zori

Catering: Alfuria Family

Editor: Joseba Alfaro

VFX & end credits: Antxon Urrutia

Sound recording: Eduardo Burgos, Sheila Pardavila

Sound mixing: Eduardo Burgos

Colorist: David González

Music composer: Arturo G. Krahe

The director wishes to thank
José Alfaro & Izaskun Ajuria · Laura Racero · José A. Rojo · Leopoldo Casares · Cristina Costa
Emilio Montes · Diego Polo · Jorge Esteban Blein · Jesús Ferre · Debora Abbà
Camille Leleu · Amaia Ajuria · Aitor Guisasola · Gilen Mejuto

Teresa Hurtado de Ory

The nice woman

She was born in Seville and studied artistic Baccalaureate. In 2003 she began his studies at the School of Dramatic Arts in Seville. At the end of the course, she was selected in a casting to star in the film Astronautas, by Santiago Amodeo, for which she was nominated for Best Actress in the 2004 Goya Awards, which made her known, and promoted her film and television career.

Later she moves to Madrid to continue her performing studies in the school of Juan Carlos Corazza (2003-2007).

She has starred in TV series such as Ciega a Citas or Cuenta Atrás, and participated in many others such as La Señora, Bandolera, El Caso o El padre de Caín, as well as many films and shorts.

Pilar Torriente

Afterlife's public worker

She was born in Santander. She started her studies in Madrid at RESAD, where she was licensed. She continues her training with different teachers, such as the Actor Center under the direction of Lorena Bayonas.

She debuted as an actress in the world of the television series with Manos a la obra. As a second work related to the series appeared in Más que amigos in 1997, and later in Hospital Central, MIR, La que se avecina... among others. She has also worked in radio, film, and theater, with directors such as Emilio Sagi, Andrés Lima, etc.

Among the operas and zarzuelas are outstanding works such as La del Manojo de Rosas o Carmen. In films she has worked with José Luis García Sánchez among others.



Partners that lent us a hand


Stills from the filming of Triumphers

Sunday, June 18th, 2017. The 16 film crew members meet at some place in Valdemorillo (Madrid, Spain), where we have located our afterlife for TRIUMPHERS. Temperature rises to 40º C (104º F) in the shade, but far from melting and fainting, we managed to shoot the short film in one single day. These are some of the stills taken by Laura Racero.


Technical data

Duration: 7 minutes

Genre: fiction, comedy

Country/Language: Spain / Spanish

Subtitles: English, French, Italian, German

Resolution: 4K, 24 fps

Aspect ratio: 1,85 cropped to 2.10:1

Exhibition format: DCP, h264, ProRes

Color: color

Sound: stereo

  • Director / Writer/ Editor / Producer

    Joseba Alfaro

Joseba Alfaro has directed dozens of short films and he firmly believes in the french term “film d’auteur“. This doesn’t mean he just makes “small” projects, and he also embarks on genres such as science-fiction or action, filming outdoors and with all the possible practical special effects. For him it is very important to write the screenplay or be involved in it, and also to be part of all the processes of the audiovisual narrative.

In his previous film, DESTROY MADRID, as he did in his last works L.A.D., REM or TRIMAKE, he took over the cinematography and camera operation —tasks he feels very comfortable with. At the same time, Joseba also carries out post-production work. Since he began his studies focusing on film editing, he edits all his projects and even assumes the processing of some VFX.

Currently, Joseba works as action director for José A. Rojo and his stuntmen team, and as editor in fiction and entertainment on TV, while focusing his efforts on making BLIND BULLETS —a feature film he’s been working on along many years—, the full-lenght feature film of DESTROY MADRID, and KAPLAN —a TV Series.


One day you discover that just as a climber feels a climax reaching the summit of a mountain, for you there’s nothing like filming behind the camera. I have always enjoyed story-telling, since I was a child when I arranged epic battles of Lego vs Playmobil, until I began to record them with my first VHS-C camera. And then, the game became a way of life. I believe in the power of narrative, in telling stories that beyond its main plot, convey ideas and feelings. And above all, I believe in the power of images, colors and frames, movements and editing, music and rhythm… Above all, I believe in cinema.


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